Open-Air Film Night in the Library: Dunhuang x Heidelberg

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On Friday, July 28, from 9 pm, you have the chance to enjoy the special atmosphere of an Open-Air Film Night in the courtyard of CATS Library (free admission)! In co-operation with the Contemporary China Animation Art Archive中国当代动画艺术资料馆, the CATS Library will show three award winning animation short films.

Program Curator: ZHANG Manying (China Contemporary Animation Archive Museum I Annual Research Fellow)


1. Curator's Remarks (Online)

2. Jiu Se Lu 九色鹿 The Nine-Colored Deer, 26 min, 1981, dir. Jiajun Qian and Dai Tielang, Mandarin, Short Animated film, China. A fairy deer is betrayed by people that he saved before. The original story is based on the Buddhist jataka tale of the same name, which was discovered as cave paintings in the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, China. The animated plot is essentially a spinoff. Festival credit: Best Animation at Canada Hamilton International Festival.

3. Guangjiao De Fo 光脚的佛 A Barefoot Buddha, 9 min, 2021, dir. Xue Feng, Mandarin, Short Animated film, China. An impoverished young guy is upset with his mother for taking him away from home in pursuit of God and Buddha in the hope of improving his fate. Images from the movie are replete with the vagaries of the frescoes from Dunhuang, and the melancholy of the elderly Chinese artists in Shaanxi Province, China, gives the movie its capacity to move viewers to reconsider human nature. Festival credit: Grand Prix at Belarus Animation Film Festival

4. Lu Nü 鹿女 The Deer Fairy, 28 min,1993 dir. Yan Dingxian and Lin Wenxiao,Mandarin, Short Animated film, China. A fairy deer from Lotus Mountain was chased by the hunting team of Xia King and fortunately was saved by the Yan King. Yan King married the fairy deer as a consort and gave children birth to a lotus flower which was thrown into the river by the Xia King' Mother Queen. After the lotus flower drifted to Xia kingdom, from which jumped out of 10 boys were adopted by the Xia King. They grew up and attacked Yan King for his adoptive father Xia King, the fairy deer rushed to stop the war into a happy ending. From then on, the two kingdoms live in peace with each other. Festival credit: Best Animation at China Golden Rooster Film Festival Looking forward to see you all on Friday night!

Looking forward to see you all on Friday night!

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