Call for Entries of "2021 Yangtze New Vision Conference" during the “ Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc

Issuing time:2021-09-25 16:52


With the development of hardware technology, the integration of software, the improvement of internet speed and the thriving of mobile internet, today’s content creators are facing an entirely different world from that of the past. On the one hand, technology imposes fewer and fewer restrictions on creation, on the other hand, the definition of traditional videography is gradually blurred, which leaves room for discussion. Especially in China, where Tiktok's parent company locates and having a burgeoning consumption in cultural industry, the videography ecology has changed dramatically. Therefore, we would like to create a competition that focuses on this change vertically. As the Yangtze River flowing through our city, we named it the "Yangtze New Vision ” Videos Competition.

As its name implies, we focus upon the new, which means a kind of crossover and boundary crossing, mainly refers to intersections and breakthroughs among three fields, documentary, animation, and online video. We pay great attention to the multi-dimensional innovations, whether in technical application, in narrative structure, or even in communication concept, hoping to figure out directions for the future of videography development.

To be more specific, we are looking for videos within 20 minutes, in fiction and nonfiction content, produced with digital technology or live shots, either in single linear or multilinear narrative. This selection will be in-depth cooperation with Interfilm, take "crossover" and "boundary crossing" as the core, the jury will score the works from multiple perspectives such as core concept, script structure, production, communication, and interaction methods. In the end, five winners will be selected out of all the entries. Besides, we will also set up a script writer award with prize money to help him with his unrealized outstanding script.  

In addition, given the circumstances of our localization, a special unit "Yangtze Vision" will be set up, targeting Chinese creators all over the world, to call for videos of "Yangtze Memories". We hope that we will receive works which understand the Yangtze basin and its culture from new perspectives.

More detailed information and submission channel will be released on the official website Interfilm and Animadoc Film Festival will also participate in the organization and promotion, please follow us for further information and participation.

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