"Time distance & Archives"-screening list on November 25

Issuing time:2020-11-24 10:15

Exhibition venue:

The fourth exhibition hall of the Art Museum of Nanjing Academy of Arts + Lecture hall, etc   

AMNUA Hall four + Conference Centre

Exhibition duration:

2020.11.3 - 11.30

Host organizer:

Art Museum of Nanjing Academy of Arts AMNUA

China Contemporary Animation Art Archive   

China Contemporary Animation Art Archive   

Goethe Institute, German Cultural Center, Beijing (China)   

Goethe-Institut China

Supported by:

Kuki, Berlin, Germany     

Interfilm's International Children and Youth Film Festival Berlin.         

Stuttgart International Animated Film Festival (ITFS)

Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart ( ITFS)     


Xue Feng   

Monica Koshka-Stein virtue

Wang Xiaoxin virtue

Academic host :

Cao Kai


Wang Sudong   

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III. The third exhibition

A. Best animated film of Stuttgart nature and environmental protection unit 60 minutes

B. Migration notes - Recommended unit of contemporary animation art museum 70 minutes

Time: 9:30-12:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 25

Venue: Main lecture hall on the first floor of amnua Art Museum

Exhibition film list

A. Best animated film of Stuttgart nature and environmental protection unit

1 / Maestro / colectif intellectual / 1'50"

图片 398.png

2 / dead Freddy / Alicia Eisen / 10'12"

图片 399.png

3 / devoured eaten / Mohsen rezapour / 7'20"

图片 400.png

4 / strata / Bhopal / 6'02"

图片 402.png

5 / hors course / Martin burnod, a é lis ensergueix, Nicolas Lopez, Julia Monti / 5'56"

图片 403.png

6 / the beauty / Pascal schelbli / 4'14"

图片 404.png

7 / one for all things / Guoxiu Jiang / 3'14"

图片 406.png

8 / let's break the ice- VLOG#207/Wouter Dijkstra/4'37"

图片 407.png

9 / earthworms of earth / Helene ducrocq / 8'22"

图片 408.png

10 / Northern Lights / Caroline attia / 15'02"

图片 409.png

B. Notes on migration -- recommended unit of Contemporary Animation Art Museum

1/Welcome Welcome/Ji Jun/18'39"

图片 435.png

2/ teahouse/Yang Han Yaguang/4'17"

图片 436.png

3/Analysis/ParalysisAnete Melece//Schweiz /9'00"

图片 437.png

4/BA Ye Zha / ye Youtian / 5'15"


5/ ouch! Hi / Wang Dingli/7'28"

图片 439.png

6/Floreana/Lou Morton/4'08"

图片 440.png

7/six desires/Deng Qiang/ 8'00"

图片 441.png

8/Der KioskAnete/Melece//Schweiz/7'00"

图片 450.png

9/whose territory/Liu Yufei   Hua Yulan   Chen Danni   Shui Yuan /4'00"

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