2020 Berlin Short Film Festival & the 13th Kuki Film Festival in Berlin, Germany

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China Contemporary Animation Art Archive, referred to as CCAA, is the first academic institution in China to pay special attention to contemporary and experimental animation art, focusing on the integration of contemporary animation art literature resources; Initiated by artist Liu Jian at the end of 2016, the museum is now established in Nanjing Institute of art. Its contents include holding animation art theme activities at home and abroad to present the latest face of contemporary animation art; It displays the works archives of famous animation artists at home and abroad all year round. At present, it has received donations from dozens of artists' works and collections, and established art archives (including works and Literature) to provide free research literature resources for animation researchers. All kinds of professional lectures, seminars and screening activities are held for public welfare all year round. Since its establishment, the museum has been honored to invite famous artists, scholars and producers such as Dong Bingfeng, Li Zhenhua, Goben Shermer (Netherlands), Li Feng, Shi Changjie, Wang Shuibo, Cao Kai, Lu Ziying and Yang Cheng as members of the academic committee, and artist Mr. Liu Jian as the artistic director.

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In May 2020, China Contemporary Animation Art Archive was officially commissioned by the Organizing Committee of "2020 Berlin Short Film Exhibition & the 13th Kuki Film Festival in Berlin, Germany" to solicit short film works from China.

The information of the feature film is as follows:

1. For groups: all kinds of image creation institutions, artists, college teachers and students

2. Completion time: 2018-2020

3. Work type: the style is not limited to narrative or conceptual experimental short film works, and the types include live action films, animation and documentary short film images;

4. Duration of short film works: within 20 minutes;

5. Work format: 1920 * 1080 MOV, MP4 format, video embedded subtitle file or subtitle file

6. For submission, please upload your work to Youku website to generate an encrypted link, and send the encrypted link information and password together with the work information form (attached at the end of the text: download the entry information form) to: 565985690@qq.com (e-mail), (encrypted link is convenient for online pre selection and review of films by the Organizing Committee of the film festival. If through pre selection, the author will be contacted to send positive films);

7. The deadline for this film is June 10, 2020

Once selected, the solicited works will receive the following rights and interests:

1. Free of registration fee;

2. Directly promote the second round of the 13th Kuki Film Festival in Berlin, Germany through the green channel;

3. The registered films will be automatically included in the competition selection sequence of 2020 Berlin Short Film Festival (the official collection of works of the film festival has been closed at present);

4. He was invited to collect in the Chinese contemporary animation art museum and recommend it to animation art producers, researchers, artists and various art image activities at home and abroad as literature.

Introduction to the film festival:

1. The 13th Kuki Film Festival in Berlin, Germany

Berlin   -   13th   KUKI   International   Festival

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Time: November 10-15, 2020

Official website: www.kuki-berlin.com

Every November, the Kuki Film Festival in Berlin shows about 100 short films for young people aged 4 to 18; During this period, various types of short films were shown: live action films, animated films, documentaries and experimental films. These films are interesting, dramatic, dynamic and thoughtful works.

The original intention of Kuki Film Festival is to get together and celebrate through rich forms of film and television media, and show young audiences what they usually don't see on TV or in cinemas. In particular, look for fun, interesting or exciting films that bring diversity, thinking, empathy and different cultures to children and young audiences.

The festival is divided into 13 plate units by age group:

(age) 4+   Multi type competition unit

(age) 6+   Multi type competition unit

(age) 8+   Multi type competition unit

(age) 10+   Multi type competition unit

(age) 12+   Multi type competition unit

(age) 14+   Multi type competition unit

(age) 8+   Environmental themes (multiple types)

(age) 10+    Documentary competition

(age) 14 +: 3 foreign language units: English, French and Spanish

(age) over 16 years old: Girls restless (female concern)

(age) over 16 years old: Youth agitation (for older teenagers and young people)

The completion time of the film shall not be earlier than 2018 and within 20 minutes!

*Multiple types: the short film style is not limited to narrative or conceptual experimental works, and the types include live action films, animation, documentary and so on.

2. 2020 Berlin short film exhibition   -   The 36th interfilm Film Festival

two thousand and twenty   International Short Film Festival Berlin   -   36th   InterfilmI Festival

     Time: November 8, 2020   - 15th

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Official website: www.interfilm.de

The Berlin International Short Film Festival is an Oscar Certified International Film Festival. Since 1982, the Berlin Short Film Festival in Germany has established its important position in the European Film Festival. It is one of the most important short film exhibitions in Europe at present, because it is the German Short Film Festival with the longest history after the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival. It is also important and the Berlin International Film Festival with a history second only to the Berlin International Film Festival. Over the years, the short film festival has continuously expanded its influence every year to attract more contestants and short films from different cultural backgrounds.

Every year, more than 5000 short films within 30 minutes participate, and there are an average of 400 short films for each theme. During the six-day film exhibition, more than 400 short films and films will be screened. It is expected that 100 finalists will compete for the competition awards, with a total bonus of up to 40000 euros (about 60000 US dollars). In addition, during the film festival, historical programs, cartoons, experimental short films, music short films, advertisements, documentaries and computer animation will be broadcast, film fairs will also be provided, and seminars, symposiums and parties on relevant topics will be held.

Categories of entries in the seven competition units of the film festival:   

International competition

Confrontation competition


German competition

Environmental protection video


Online competition

Entry information form download:

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1sxsN0OIx__ joNsI-FOO3ww

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