2021 "animation academic month" series of lectures of Media College of Nanjing Art College held succ

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Nanyi Media College

From July 1 to 2, 2021, a series of lectures on "animation academic month" were successfully held in the 106 lecture hall. Two lectures were held, including Chen Lianhua, a teacher of Animation School of Beijing Film Academy, and Zhu Hui, an associate professor of Fine Arts School of Tsinghua University.

At 6:30 p.m. on July 1, 2021, the animation "cold dew" creation exchange meeting was successfully held in the 106 lecture hall of media college. Xue Feng, vice president of Media College, some teachers of animation department and students of animation major at all levels attended the lecture. The lecturer, Mr. Chen Lianhua, told the students about her creative process, and showed the manuscripts of her early creation and the final manuscript. Mr. Chen also exchanged and shared experiences with the teachers and students on the spot.

Cold dew is an experimental short film created by Chen Lianhua and an Xu in 2018. The story takes place in a Chinese restaurant where customers are busy eating and waiters are busy beating flies. What's striking is that the film uses the concepts of shadow play and paper-cut of traditional Chinese culture. The rotating lens is one mirror to the end, and the visual design adopts overlooking, rotating and cycling, revealing the absurdity and madness of the special era. This special way of presentation is impressive and shocking.

Director Chen Lianhua talked about the content of this lecture. The reason why he chose this theme is that this work is of great significance to him. Director Chen said that the film was actually inspired by the creation of other works. At that time, the creation environment was relatively bad, and the weather was very cold, which inspired some new ideas of director Chen. He said that every animator will produce other ideas and ideas in the creation and implementation stage, which aroused the resonance of the students and teachers. And director Chen chose to put this idea into practice, so "cold dew" was born, which is an excellent work with obvious conflict and transition.

Next, director Chen shared with us the process of creation. Its main process is narrative design, scene design, character image design, data access, and the biggest highlight of the whole work - visual design. When it comes to my initial ideas, I share with us the scene, place, plot, internal and external layout of the story.

At the end of the lecture, the students put forward some questions to Director Chen in combination with the problems they usually encountered in their major, and director Chen also answered the students' questions very carefully. These exchanges on animation benefited the students a lot, and caused the majority of animation teachers and students to have more understanding and thinking about the animation display methods and narrative forms.

In the one hour long report, director Chen Lianhua quoted extensively and talked eloquently. The whole idea of the lecture was clear. His experience in animation production tells the students that a successful work can not be completed overnight. The students must constantly accumulate their own experience, seriously and extensively learn animation professional knowledge, maintain their own advantages, adhere to what they pursue in their heart, listen to other people's suggestions, and cherish every exercise opportunity, Develop and improve yourself in these opportunities.

On the afternoon of July 2, 2021, Zhu Hui, associate professor of the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University, gave a lecture entitled "IP scene art practice sharing" for the teachers and students at the 106 lecture hall of the school of media.

I wish teachers and students to share some theoretical knowledge, let you know that IP is invisible, but throughout. I wish teachers and students stressed that although IP is fictional, it is extremely strong and can not be changed wantonly. Everyone can feel its real existence. Zhu Hui pointed out that in the image of IP scene, we should follow the growth track of IP itself and give the soil of cultivation. In order to let you have a deeper experience, Zhu Hui shared the IP Design "drawing a little monster" of the graduate students' classroom, and put forward several questions to provide the students with creative inspiration, so that the little monster can become more flesh and blood, authentic and credible.

Then, in order to let the students better understand the content of IP, I wish teachers and students to deeply analyze the creative process and experience of their original IP "Mr. P". She said that at the beginning, this role was just an ordinary coil villain, and now it has become an excellent IP recognized by various industries. The efforts of the team can not be described in a single word. Teacher Zhu mentioned the spirit conveyed by this role. She hopes that this role can bring comfort to people who are busy. She has held an art and culture exhibition with this original IP as the core.

In the on-site questioning session, the students put forward many doubts and questions to teacher Zhu Hui. Teacher Zhu patiently and carefully answered the students' questions. At the end of the lecture, she told the students that it is a necessary process for everyone to find out what they are interested in and stick to it. Maybe many of the students' ideas are difficult to practice at this stage, but when they are really mature and stable, they will know what they are good at and what they are suitable for What you really like to do, you can find a way in the complex social life and stick to the things you love.

The end of this lecture also represents the end of this semester's animation academic month. Through one semester of study, animation students will soon usher in a new academic year. The two lectures held in this academic month further broaden the vision of animation teachers and students' professional cognition, promote the construction of first-class majors, and enhance the academic exchanges between animation majors and related colleges. Moreover, the speeches of the two teachers effectively solved the students' inner doubts, It promotes students' further understanding of animation, and also greatly stimulates students' enthusiasm for animation in some aspects. Thank the two teachers for their wonderful speeches. At the same time, I hope the animation teachers and students will keep their original intention and love animation!

Text: Rong Jia

Typesetting: Gan niping

Checked by: Hua Mei

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